Angels with Us!

Are angels with us? Seeing is believing...

Many of us would like to believe that there are angels with us - people in spirit who may visit, watch over and even communicate with us earthlings. Are there signs that angels are with us? Some say there are, that we need to pay attention and keep our minds open to the possibility of visitations from angels -- spirits.

The following angel photos might provide evidence for some that there are angels with us. Examine each angel picture and read its story below. Weigh the evidence for yourself.

Angels with Us - Church Service
Interesting photograph take during a California church's worship shows what's been called an angelic being flying in their midst during prayer. Is it an angel?

Angels with Us - Valeri's Angel
Mike Valeri of The Standard Times captured this phenomenal angel picture over a decade ago. The angel persona that inadvertently appeared in the clouds during the setting sun over Padanarum Harbor can be purchased to help needy families during Christmas.

To purchase a copy of this incredible angel photo, please visit:

Angels with Us - Baby
Lera sent us her angel picture of what she believes may be a spirit energy captured in frame, watching over them:

"At my daughter's home, I went over to see the new baby. My daughter took several pictures, but this is the only one that turned out this way. It was the first time
I held the baby."

Angels with Us - Cousin Nicole
Kathryn Bertolino believes that her cousin, Nicole, makes her presence known after her passing.

Angels with Us - Guardian Angel
Kara North found this photograph to be quite unexplainable. Notice how everything is in focus except the white blur behind them. Angel?