Easter Morning Orb in the Sky Picture

"I took this picture this past easter morning (03-27-05) at about 5:30am, on my way to work. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was the moon until I showed my fiance...and he said, "No, it's an orb."  Well sure enough, the next time I went to work (it was the same time of day) and I looked for the moon and it was behind me, when I got to the spot where the picture was taken.  I also wanted to say I take a lot of pictures and there are no orbs or anything like it in the other pictures (and I checked the camera it's clean - so I have no idea what it is). Oh, and when you look at the picture just to the left (out of the camera's view) is a church."

"I took another picture in the same area where I took the first oneI sent you.. It was about 5:30am in the morning, and I was really closeto the church (it's just off the road) and look at all the orbs thatare in the picture! And...if you look at the top right hand corner itlooks like one is moving and when you zoom in it looks like it hashair, eyes, etc."