Real Angel Picture: My Daughter

Angie sent these angel pictures as a follow up to some she had sent previous. We think they are amazing. You can view Angie's first angel picture submissions and story here:

"I have already sent you two pictures of my daughter in JULY/2005. These pictures are taken when I was moving out of the house where Christie and I lived. You can see the shape of her face and her hair and angel wings. The next photo is where she was moving into the bedroom where her sister and nieces are. When I seen the bright light I thought what is this bright light and when I zoomed in. I could see that my daughter was letting me know that she was o.k., and not to worry about her. My life has completely changed since she passed away. My heart is broken into that I can't see her, talk to her or just give her a great big hug. When I seen her I was so happy and relieved. Her sister started crying. We all have been tore apart about her not being here with us. She is greatly missed. We all love her very much!! I hope you use these two pictures. Thank You!"