Pictures with Angels

Are you looking for pictures with angels? The following photographs and pictures were sent to us from our viewers and may contain angels. Each of the pictures with angels are displayed on one page for quick reading, but you may read more of the story by selecting each image.

Stackpot's Angel Picture
This angel picture is intriguing and looks like a little child. Is it an angel? The photographer of the image believes so.

"I had forgotten how stunning this picture was until I found the lost picture file....

The picture was inadvertently taken, camera pointed downward, in the garage... This one should give you the chills."

1920 Angel Picture
Annette Agullana sent us this old angel picture which shows a mist behind two children:

"...this is a picture of my husband's dad, Jim Agullana and his Aunt Betty. I guess the picture was taken in 1920, but you can clearly see the Angel in the background!"

Deva Angel Picture
Deva is Sanskrit for "god" or "deity." Often, it is interpreted the same as being a spirit or angel. The photo at left was sent by Tim and the following is his interpretation of it:

"I had done a lot of prayer and meditation for them to show up...(this) is a nature Deva protecting my sign..."

Hospital Angel Photo
Cindy Suarez sent us this great angel photo captured in a hospital. It is very similar to the famous Hospital Angel Picture:

"On 12-31-08, I was visiting our sick grandmother in the hospital. While in the waiting room, I took two photos of my cousins. One of my lil' cousin, and about two hours later, another of my other cousin. How could this appear and why?"

Graduation Angel Pictures?
We have enjoyed looking at the two pictures above and trying to understand what may have caused the flame-like anomalies in the background. There wasn't any sconce-type of light on the wall that created this effect:

"My father passed away on June 6th, 2009 and we had a graduation for my son on June 9th, 2009. My son said he said a prayer in hopes that his grandfather was watching over him. These two photos are the only ones that came out like this. All the others are fine."