Prayer Spirit Energy Photos

JC from R4C sent us these pictures showing spirit energy from prayer. I have long thought that this is the same spiritual energy captures as ghosts and angels. Their website is

"I have a Christian paranormal group called the R4C (Revolution 4 Christ.) All of the members have unique supernatural gifts, including everything from seeing spirits to telekinesis to prophetic dreams/visions. And we often meet upstairs in some old office rooms we're fixing up... above my little storefront antique shop called Salem's Lot.

Anyway, a few members of my group met upstairs to do our thing for a Resurrection (Easter) prayer meeting this week (03-28-05 to be exact.) And immediately, all these entities bombarded the place. Orbs of light were darting all over the room. One time I was engulfed in a cloud of like a million pinpoints of visible light. And there was this one big (like 2 foot diameter) orb of light who we saw standing in the corner a couple times. And onetime I just felt like someone was standing right behind me staring at me, and Rex saw it too, so I picked up the camera and just turned it backwards and snapped a random shot over my head behind me... and partially caught the apparitions on film.

We didn't spend a lot of time taking pictures because we were busy praying and meditating, but we caught enough on film to prove to ourselves that we weren't crazy and our eyes weren't fooling us... there really were spirits and orbs there. OK. The first pic is just of the orbs that were darting all around through the air and walls constantly. The 2nd picture is of the big luminescent orb who stood in the corner watching over us. You can see it just above the left corner of the poster there. And the last picture is the one I snapped over my head to see what was there behind me. That's the top of my hair in the left bottom... but just to the right, you can see the top of one apparition and the wall through it... and possibly another face above my head on the left. The one on the right kinda looks like an old Indian lady (with a Yasser Arafat style headdress) or something, but I can't really make it out. (Plus, I might be a little bias in my observation of this one, because everyone in my group is part Native American.) What do you think it is?"