Spirit & Angel Photos

Could these be old spirit or angel images?

During the mid-1800's through the early 1900's, spiritualism rose to prominence and so did photography that claimed to have captured angels, guides, spirits of relatives and other paranormal phenomena. The following examples of spirit and angel imagery are quite interesting and certainly inspiring! Are relatives from the past with us in spirit, angels watching over us and observing our lives? A big thanks to the National Media Museum!

Old Spirit and Angel Photo Notes
The last two spirit, angel pictures in our photo gallery are interesting because they depict different scenes. The first reveals a hand emanating from a fog below a seance table. The second to the right captures a time of mourning with the spirit apparition of the man lying below.

The similarities between the spirits in all of these photos are interesting to us. Did talented, old-time photographers create these images through trickery? Be sure to visit Spirit Photography to learn more about these craftsmen, such as William Mumler.