Angel Form Pictures

Michael sent us four pictures in succession of what looks like a human form. Very cool angel pictures and uplifiting story of a sign from above!

"I stood in my back garden in the summer; my wife had gone out for the evening and my children were in bed. I had just spoken to a friend on my mobile phone, as I was going through a difficult time. I finished the telephone conversation and remember thinking 'give me a sign...please.' I looked up to the sky - a cloudy, red sky. Suddenly the clouds cleared to leave a beautiful, clear, blue, summer evening sky. As I looked above the trees at the bottom of the garden, there was 'the sign' I had asked for. I couldn't believe my eyes. The angel hovered above me for about ten minutes and then completely disappeared as quick as it appeared. I had such a feeling of calm, and in the following days I made some life-changing decisions, and life has been great ever since. The weirdest thing actually happened the next day when I was stuck in traffic. I looked out the car window, and a foot away on an advertising space was a picture very similar to the one I had witnessed in the garden with the words 'someone up there likes you.' Wow! I returned home later that day and the sign was gone!"