Christian Concert Spirit Pictures

Marsha sent us another set of christian concert pictures and an update:

"Hello my name is Marsha Lee and I submitted some pics to you that I had taken at a christian concert. I felt that these pics were given to me for a reason so I spent day and night looking at them and researching them and to my surprise I discovered that there was much more to these pics. #1 pic appears to be a being flying through the air. #2 pic clearly shows a face and what appears to be a hand of some sort. #3 pic appears to be the face of an angel with it's hands lifted towards heaven. #4 pic shows what I believe to be people bowing at the feet of the being in #2 pic. #5 pic is a close up of that same being, it appears to be the face of a man with long hair. #6 pic is a close up of #3 pic, you can clearly see the face of the angel and if you look closer you can see an eye of what seems to be another face, (two faces in one). All of these pictures came from the three original pictures that I had taken, two of which I already sent to you. I feel that these pics were a blessing to me. It gives me hope that out there somewhere there is truly something worth believing in."