Angel Pictures 32010

Angel pictures and videos to enjoy that may reveal the presence of angelic beings, spirits who interact with humanity. The following collection of angel pictures were gathered from around the Internet. Enjoy!

Orb Face Angel Picture
The angel picture was captured from a video made about a photograph of a newborn baby. This is the zoomed-in image of the inside of an orb, revealing what looks to be a head and face. Quite an interesting image. Is it proof of an angel watching over the baby? You can watch the video about the orb photograph, too.

Honduras Angel Picture
This is a fascinating picture showing something "winged" floating above a play area among children.

The video was an excerpt from a Honduran news report about the angel sighting. (The video is no longer available.)

Tower Angel Picture
The photograph was taken from another video from South America, though we are not sure where. The caption only says, "Appearance of an angel in a tower."

The video of the angel sighting is included, too. Is it true? You decide...