Lunar Eclipse Angel Pictures

The two photographs at left were taken during a lunar eclipse. The light is actually the moon shining back into the camera lens. However, Sonia from Atlanta, Georgia noticed that what looks like lens flare sort of took on the shape of angels in her pictures:

"Last night (December 20, 2010), I was taking some pictures of the lunar eclipse on my cell phone camera and images showed up, in some of them, that I think sort of resembles an angel. I don't know if it is an angel or just a light reflection anomaly, but I thought I would send them to someone who is experienced in such sightings.

The image didn't appear in the first few pics I took, then, it just appeared. The next-to-last pic is the most vivid...I found them very interesting."

We agree. How about you? Lunar Eclipse Angel Photo? Lens flare is when light, such as the sun, shines back into the camera lens, creating anomalies which are typically red, orange or purple. Sometimes, they are mistaken for orbs or flying objects. In the pictures sent to us by Sonia, we must admit that these figures are interesting -- striking.

Are they the product of anthropomorphizing? Pareidolia? You decide...