Hurricane Angel Picture

Rose P. sent us this image which is interesting. It was taken during Hurricane Ike (Houston, Texas) and is believed by some to be angels, or at least an angel kneeling and praying on the left. Here's the story:

"This picture was taken by my husband in night mode with our digital camera. We were abruptly startled around 2 am Saturday morning during what seemed like the worst part of the storm. The neighbor's wife from across the street was at the door soaked and in distress. One of the boards fell off the front of her house and her husband was holding it up. She was asking for a drill. My brother in law, who is about 6'3," ran out to help them without hesitation. My husband grabbed the camera to take a picture of them in the storm, but he doesn't have much experience with our camera. The picture is very fuzzy, but the image that turned out was AMAZING! If you pay attention to the image on the left you will see an angel kneeling in prayer. I darkened the picture in photoshop with the curves option to enhance the darkness so the second image is more noticeable."

The more we look at it, the more faces and bodies it seems we see. We outlined what we're talking about to the right.
What do you see? You can let Rose know by sending her a nice e-mail at: