San Carlos Angel Picture

San Carlos, Mexico pictures in succession from first to last. These photos are from Leigh I. and were taken in San Carlos, Mexico. It is a series of photos showing an anomaly of light appearing and then disappearing!

"My husband and I were sitting at La Palapa restaurant looking out at the beach. We had just started talking about God, when I wanted to take a photo with my digital camera of the beautiful sky and beach. I snapped a photo, then shortly afterward, snapped the second one, which showed a bright image to the left side. I was perplexed by the image, so I took another photo, and it also had an image, but dimmer.

I then took a photo immediately afterward, and there was nothing there. Since we were having a "God discussion," I thought the photos were interesting. If you look at the brighter image, you can see a large "orb-ish" circle in the middle, as if there were a bright light source affecting the camera. The sun had already set, and there were no lights on where we were sitting."

Question: Could something have gotten in the way of the flash from the left side and caused the effect ?

You decide...