Ectoplasm Spirit Angel Pictures

Gypsy of N.O.P.I. sent us these pictures of ectoplasm - spirit. These two spirit pictures are very interesting to us, because they used a dark amber flash and were not seen prior to the pictures being taken. Gypsy took the pictures in New Orleans while capturing the moon in the night sky:

"I was taking photos of the moon (first photo) - it's a hobby of mine...and I had this big, white mist cover the screen of my camera. I did not see any white mist...any place! I feel they are my spirit guides. It looks like white spirit energies. I have been told that there are three of them around me."

Gypsy said to look at the photo with nicely defined vapor trails of ectoplasm, flipped. Does it look like a person in spirit when viewed upside down?

"I took this photo on the night of the blue moon. It was a clear night...and I didn't have any lights smoke; nothing but a clear, wonderful night. I didn't see this mist with my bare eyes."