Angels: Pictures

The following pictures contain images that appear to be angels. Some of the angels in pictures are quite striking. While some of the angelic formations may be explainable, others are evidence of spirit mist manifesting in the photographs.

We chose to show some striking pictures in the video, recorded by Sean of the Philippines. The angels in pictures were collected together in the clip (see below) and were photographed in the Cordillera Mountain region in the northern Philippine Islands. Peace Corps volunteer, Julia Campbell was murdered in this region and the angel pictures were dedicated to her memory. Sean believes that "God uses the sky as his canvas to form an angel after a thunderstorm..."

Tony sent us an amazing picture of what the family believes to be an angel caught at Christmas. It has long been believed that spirits of family visit us during celebrations. The following story and angel picture could be some good evidence to support that:

"Here is a picture of what I believe is my daughter's guardian angel. She said she had seen an angel in her bedroom on Christmas Eve. She was only three years old at the time, so I know she couldn't make this up. When the pictures came out, this what we saw."

Diana sent us an intriguing angel story and picture. Is it her mom's presence?

"At work I was teasing a co-worker about going home to work in my yard while he was stuck at work. My mother loved spring. It was her favorite season. After her death, I was not able to go into my yard to work for that whole season. This year on Mother's Day, I purchased a fence and decided to bring my yard back to life. I was taking pictures with my cell phone to send to my co-worker in order to tease him and found this picture that I had taken."

Charlie sent us some photographs taken at an old farmhouse during a wedding. Though he believes them to possibly be ghosts, we tend to think they are benevolent spirits, what some may call angels (messengers), or simply spirits of loved ones who are visiting during such a great celebration. To us, the capture of a light mist would not indicate the presence of a negative earthbound spirit:

"I want to show you these pics...I took at an old farm house in the country (South Australia). I was drawn to this house, because I saw it in a dream years earlier and decided to take photos the following day."