Angel Picture: Cheerleader for God

Alicia Nicole Rix died tragically in an accident. Her mom sent this angel picture of her and story:

"Standing at my desk at work, I picked up a call from my husband. He told me about a call he just got from Heather, Alicia's best friend. Heather's brother had received a call from Duncan the girls Cheerleading Coach. Duncan said Alicia has been in a bad accident. I hung up the phone with Rick after telling him to call and find out what's going on and I'll try to call Alicia. I left several messages on Alicia's phone, unable to speak to her. I will never forget that day and that feeling when I heard she was gone.

Alicia Nicole Rix, my only little girl was 16 yrs old, would have turned 17 the first of this month. She was going fishing with two other cheerleaders and they were hit by a semi-truck, there was no alcohol involved just 3 fishing poles. They say she didn't suffer but she got most of the blow and the tire. I can't help but wonder if she called for me to help her and I didn't hear her.

Tomorrow September 18, 2004 will be 6 months since my heart was ripped out. Which is exactly the words I used to express the depth of my pain to my mother in the wee hours of the morning some odd days after Alicia's accident. It is strange how time has no relevance during these past few months. It has actually been months?

Alicia made and maintained so many friends during her time here with us. There were nearly 1,100 people at her funeral. That's more people than I've ever said hello to, much less kept as friends in my nearly 40 years. As mothers do, I always said she was special but I had no idea so many other people felt the same.

Alicia would have been a Senior this year and had just gotten her Senior ring a few weeks before the accident. She would have no doubt made Homecoming Court again this year and some say probably Queen. She would be starting soccer practice next month. A sport she loved and was very good at, especially slide kicking. She was a quiet little thing unless she was with her friends. It is hard to believe this little thing broke 3 girl's legs during one Soccer season and her own foot once during another season. I miss those soccer games. She could run for 40 minutes straight without stopping unless it was to pull her hair back up and wipe the sweat from her face with her shirt. :) Some games I'd have to watch from the car because she would give me "that look" that said "Mom, shut up and stop yelling!". I always tried to yell positive things after coming close to getting kicked out during a tournament when she was 12. :) But she always wanted me at her games and got upset when I wasn't there. I wish I could see her play now."

Our thoughts:

Even though this could be sunlight coming through the roof, it is also very similar to another glow present before the passing of another young lady whose picture we posted on Angels & Ghosts. We just had to point out the similarity...Check it out here: Angel Daughter

Born on Sept. 1, 1987, Alicia was a junior at Sylvan Hills High School when she and two new friends (Taylore' Hall & Jae Lynn Russell) went fishing during spring break, March 18, 2004.

The 3 CHEERLEADERS were hit by a semi at the Highway 5 & 89 intersection in Cabot, now known as "Angels Crossing". Alicia was a sweet girl whom everyone loved. She was very popular at school and in the Central AR community. She brought her friends together from different schools to form a large network of wonderful people. She was an honest and modest young Christian lady who wanted to make certain everyone had a "good day". If she saw someone in the hallway at school wearing a frown, she would call for them to join her and her friends and make them feel good about themselves. When she walked into a room, everyone noticed her smile and positive attitude. People wanted to be around her because she made them laugh; she was also good with advice. Her friends would talk to her about anything because they knew she could be trusted. Alicia loved her friends dearly.

She loved sports and was an avid Razorback fan. In fact, she was applying for a Soccer Scholarship, and a Cheerleading Scholarship at U of A. There is no doubt Alicia would have been a Razorback Star!

She was a goal setter who accomplished the goals she set for herself by giving 110%. She was an amazing young Christian lady who will be forever missed by her family and friends all over the United States and Europe.

September 1, 1987 the day God loaned us an Angel
March 18, 2004 she was going fishing during Spring Break when God took her back home.