Angel Pictures 102009

The following angel pictures were submitted to Angels & Ghosts by our visitors.

Angels All Around Us
Carrie took this angel photo and was lucky enough to find and save it.

"(I was) taking pics of myself, then going through them to delete the ones I didn't like.

I almost deleted this one until the angel of pure white light jumped out at me. Then, I looked closer to notice one looked like it was trying to scurry away!"

Line of Angels Picture
Wanda posted this angel picture in our angel forum, and we just had to share it here...

Angel Confirmation Picture
Susan was looking for divine answers during her lunch break, and this cloud angel picture was the result - her sign.

The Third Man Factor
Author John Geiger recounts stories of three different people who experienced a visitor who encouraged them through tremendous crises. Were the unknown visitors angels, spirit guides, disembodied people in spirit or a psychological phenomenon that came to rescue them?

The Third Man Factor explores the stories and ideas surrounding a common phenomenon that people describe during great emotional trials of someone being with them; not unlike the biblical story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Who could forget the shocking story of three innocent men being tossed into a fiery furnace, an allegory of the most severe life test imaginable. While the men were within the flames, a fourth man was observed walking with them by King Nebuchadnezzar. (See Daniel 3.)

Perhaps, we need to continue to examine our ideas about angels. The book is published by Weinstein Books and available on Amazon.