Grandpa Angel Picture

Crystal Spencer of Dallas, Texas sent us this amazing angel picture of her grandpa:

"I'm sending you these pictures from the car wreck I was in, on my birthday - August 19,2006. My sister and I were just returning from doing a little shopping and on our way home when we got stuck in a little traffic. So, as every time when I pass under a bridge, I did the little cross over me and prayed that my love ones look after me while I'm driving. As were waiting for traffic to pick back up, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw that it was facing down which it never is. I always fix my mirror when I get in the car. Well I saw this truck coming fast and he wasn't stopping; but it was too late. He hit me from behind. As soon as that happened, all I remember is grabbing my sister in a headlock and holding on tight until everything was over. We'll just put it like this: if we were in the left lane, you know he was going real fast, if I end up with the top of the car on the guard rail. After all this happened, my sister and I couldn't get out through the door. So we went through the window and walked away with only a bruise from the impact. But that day, my sister just happened to buy a camera, so I took the camera out and started taking pictures of the car. This picture was the last one that I took of it (the car), before he had put it on the flatbed. When the pictures came back from the developer, I never really cared as to what that little mist or smoke was. I remember to this day really good that nobody was smoking at the time. Well the other day, I just happened to come up on these pictures again, and I started looking at them. I looked at this one real good and then realized that in this picture happens to be my grandpa on the right side - standing there in a blue shirt. You can only see the upper part of him. I just couldn't believe it. He was there to save us from the hard impact, as you can see where he is standing is where the car had hit the rails. It's like he stopped us from flipping over the rails. Now I thank him everyday, just to keep me safe."