Mysterious Hand Angel Snapshot

Manon Riendeau of Quebec offered up this intriguing snapshot of her son during Christmas. Apparently, his right hand is accounted for, but that does not tell her (or us) where the hand on the package came from. Is it a family spirit? You may e-mail Manon at:

"It was xmas morning '07 when I took this photo on my cell phone. A couple of days later, we put it on the computer only to notice that the hand on the present was not of my son, but a xmas spirit that was at my house. I have been a medium for at least 20 years and had very many encounters with ghosts. The hand on the present belongs to my deceased mother, whom has been playing with my TV, video and DVD, turning them on and off. Since that picture, I have encountered at least 25 ghosts in my house."

We wish we could account for the right hand of the boy, but looking at the arm on the right side, it looks unclothed compared to his left arm.  The question is whether or not the boy's arm is behind him, above him or if that is indeed his hand.  Very interesting photograph to ponder.