House of Prayer Picture

Mike McLenna sent us this fascinating angel picture of figures. Are they praying? Is this a house of prayer?

"My five year old nephew took this picture with my camera phone in my entertainment room on 7\25\06 at 1855 pm. He had just learned how to use it, and took about ten pictures all around the house. This is the only one of that group that is like this. What I see straight away is a female figure on the left that seems to be praying. On the right is clearly a man, kneeling, hands in prayer, in a robe. There is a larger face whose one eye is above the womans head and the other eye's cornea is the mans head. There is also a shadow of a small boy on the left hand side.

I believe that there was only one person in the room at the time the photo was taken. He is my brother and the father of the 5 year old taking the picture. I can not stress enough that this is an ordinary camera phone that has no special or fancy features."