Solar Cross Angel Picture

Solar flare can occur when shooting into the sun, but this cross does not look like solar flare to us. Did John J. Gilson Jr. capture his grandmother or a spirit with them at the cemetery?

"My Grandmother passed away late last month from cancer. She was cremated and laid to rest with my Grandfather at the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell Florida . On Sunday 05/04/2007 I went with my sisters to visit her grave and place flowers. While there and more or less just being funny I placed my Cannon Digital Elph camera on my Grandfather’s stone facing up toward the sky and snapped a single shot. This was to capture her “view from her grave site” sort of as a joke."

"Well I went home and made a video / slide show of the day using that shot of the sky three times in the video. I used it once as the first slide, once in the middle, and once at the end of the video as the final slide. As an added effect on the final slide I had the video slowly zoom in toward the sun and then fade when the song ended.

I sent that video to my sister and she watched it, and then called me to say she thought it was great. A few minutes later she called me back and added that she loved the effect at the end and wanted to know how I added the crucifix in the sky like that. I never added a crucifix so I went back and watch the video again.

This time I noticed what I originally thought to be a small cloud or a ray of the sun stood out prominently bright toward the lower left corner of the sun, and sure enough when the video faded it formed a cross.

Later I showed my wife the original image and she disagreed and said she thought it looked more like an angel with pink wings. With that in mind I cropped an enlarged the object in question and got quite a shock. It was a distinct outline of an angel with bright reddish or pink wings…"