Channeled Angel Picture

James K. sent us this intriguing angel painting which he created. He believes that he saw this person in Spirit. Here is his story:

"I am an artist, and this image came through unconsciously. I believe it is an angel. Three months ago, I decided to devote my time to work in my studio on a series of new paintings, primarily contemporary landscapes and to search out new techniques and styles.Painting is much like jumping off a cliff into unknown realms, free falling, gathering images and with some luck, come back with some interesting visions."

"I do not always understand what comes forth while working, but I have learned over time that I have to let go of my mind and allow the image to emerge.

Recently I had become ill and was unable to work for a few weeks. After recouping, I returned to my studio and began to work again. I found I was facing what is known as 'artist block',and was not happy with what I was doing after my absence. So, I threw in the towel and shut the studio down for a while and became depressed.I was talking to an old spiritual minister-friend about my dilemma, and he encouraged me to ask for inspiration from the angel, Ramuel. He said this angel will guide me and to call on him before I began to paint. Frustrated and reluctant, I decided to perform a small ritual of prayer and asked for Ramuel's guidance. I faced my empty white canvas and began to work. For some odd reason, I was drawn toward picking up an old windshield wiper blade and began to use it as a brush. I dove into my realm and within minutes, I was surprised at what was coming forth in my work. My goal was to do landscapes, but instead I had painted several portraits of unknown faces. As I kept working, I had begun to realize these possibly were pictures of my angels and guides that had surrounded me.

Since then, I have continued to work in this manner and have accomplished some very exciting work and have been set on a new paths into the this unknown territory."