Post Mortem Photos

We received thes angel pictures from Post Mortum Paranormal Investigation. Are there angels & demons in these pictures of orbs? You decide:

"Post Mortum Paranormal Investigation was covered by the Philadelphia Daily News on Palm Sunday April 9th 2006 at the famed Historic Eastern State Prison where they were to film a segment of their new show "Paranormal Investigators." Post Mortum Director and Founder Lloyd Rajcoomar enjoys working with the media with his (and his groups') special and gifted abilities to see and sense spirits. Lloyd immediately sensed a strong evil influence on the location and made a special group prayer outside of the historic jail and requested that Jesus and God provide the Archangel Michael with the responsibilities of protecting us from the evil ones. Lloyd backs his ability and that of his group with providing material proof of what they see not like other psychics who leave you wondering if it is nothing but a wonderful act they are demonstrating for show.Post Mortum’s episode Eastern State Penitentiary Haunted or not leaves you on the edge and is by far the best paranormal episodes ever compiled where you will see demons,shadow ghost, angels as well as hearing the spirits speaking as Post Mortum psychics Angel Parrilla and Lloyd Rajcoomar bring them out into the open.Lloyd sensed St. Michael on his shoulders and quickly requested his paranormal investigator Christena Beaulieu to take a photograph which she did using her sensing capabilities to capture the phenomenal picture in its pure form. The pictures below are authentic and have been provided by Post Mortum before being released to the public and while still being investigated by the church these photographs are three of the same, zoomed in for optimal viewing and are the pictures of St. Michael the Archangel separating the demons from attacking them."