Angels' Photos

Recently, we received photos that have inspired our viewers that spirits, namely angels, are interacting with them. Some of the photographs are of cloud formations, while others are of interesting anomalies and thought-provoking images. Perhaps, all of us should look more closely for subtle signs or visages that might appear within our daily lives. The angels' photos may be selected to see them in larger format and to read more of the story!

Jessica's Angel Photo
What looks like a guardian angel appeared in the mirror. There was nothing on the mirror or anything in the room that could have caused the reflection.

"...I am not sure who it could be or if it's just my daughter's angel. My six year old daughter took this picture. I tried taking a picture in the same spot she did, and there was nothing in the mirror."

Bahamas Angel Photo?
Is this anomaly that appeared in Alexandra's photo an angel or something on the lens? You decide....

"Taken at an Irish Pub in the Bahamas on St. Patrick's Day. When I got home and uploaded the pictures from the week onto my computer, I noticed the strange light on the captain's face that I assumed was from the flash. However, looking closer, it almost looks like the outline of an angel, you can make out a head and tips of wings on the top."

St. Joseph's Spirit Photo
Jason's mother was standing in front of a religious statue when this mist appeared. There was no smoking allowed in the church, so what caused the anomaly? Is it spirit presence, evidence of an angel, maybe? You decide.

"This is a picture of my mother standing in front of St Joseph's statue at a church in St Meindrad, Indiana. Notice the obvious. Before you say anything, we dont smoke in church, nor have we ever saw anyone ever be disrespectful enough to smoke in any church. There is something
surrounding my mom."

Angel from Above Photo
Barbara captured this picture from above her in the sky.

"I came out of work and looked up...there was this angel. I immediately felt a sense of calm and I knew that we were being watched over."

Sun - God Photo
Pearl was inspired by the sun that looked different to her in the sky.

"I was standing outside of my mother's house when I saw an unusual colorfully glow around the sun, so I picked up my cellular phone and took a picture and this is what appeared on my phone."