Revelations in the Sky Snapshot

Tiffany Newton of Riverdale, California sent us her angel snapshot which looks to have something going on within it. You may e-mail Tiffany at:

"After I recieved a letter from a prophet claiming there were angels over my home in the sky protecting us , I took my camera out one day and quietly asked god to show me the angels (so I could believe and have stronger faith in him). It wasn't until months after I took the picture that I began rotating it and looking at it from different angles and realized it looked like an angel in the sky standing next to a figure that looked like the virgin Mary. If you rotate the picture and carefully take your time looking at it, you'll notice eyes, faces and more floating in the background. But, the angel and the womanly figure are the one's that truly stand out. Each time I start to doubt myself, I take the picture out and remind myself that someone's watching over me, and no matter what I'm going through, it's only temporary."

Do you see faces near the top when we flip the photograph 90 degrees to the left?