Angel Pictures 112009

Angels are messengers, and heaven could represent the higher place - the unseen, spirit realm. It is from within this energy that messengers come to us. The following angel pictures were submitted to Angels & Ghosts by our visitors and could be evidence of this.

Wife in Cloud Angel Picture
Stan Oleksik Sr. recently sent us this striking angel picture taken of the sky which was used as a sign to him concerning the welfare of his departed wife:

"I happened to come across your e-mail address while searching a website on angels. I have included a picture that was taken from my front deck at my house in Deerfield, New York.

It was taken two years after my first wife passed away. I was questioning God as to whether she really was in Heaven, and He showed me through a cloud. My friends say He was showing me my wife."

Mother Mary Angel Photo
Rose sent us this very interesting photograph of what she believes is Mother Mary appearing in an Oklahoma City church.

"This snapshot was not altered in any way. There was nothing red anywhere around me to reflect on the lens when the photo was taken. It looks to me like an apparition of the Virgin Mary praying with the Pastor at a middle school graduation in May of 2008."

Lens Flare Angel Picture
Martha Figueroa captured some sunlight shining back into her camera which produced the rainbow lens flare in this picture. But, what intrigued her was the little squiggle going through the colored-rays, just above the boy:

"I was at an October Fest party, taking pictures of the babies around. I am aware I was facing the sun, but this funny light has a form of an angel (female) sideways. If you zoom at the back light you can see eyes, neck, hair, body - even hands. I just want to know if you have seen something similar or it is just a coincidence of the light form by the sun."

World War II Aircraft Carrier Angel Pic
We finally received a story behind this old angel photograph!

"This picture was given to us when our son was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment. This picture is a constant reminder that Jesus is always with us. The photo was taken from an aircraft carrier during World War II."

Ghost of Saint Leo Picture
This picture, though it may be perceived as a ghost, is a nice capture of a spirit in our opinion. It is posted in our ghost pictures section, too, but is worth being considered as a possible angel picture.

Was it a loved one who sat with the child on the statue? Take a closer look and decide for yourself.

Spirits often accompany us, yet many times we are unaware of their presence. They observe our lives and sometimes bring messages. They may be former family or friends, but whoever they may be they indeed come from a spirit of love.

People may call them angels, spirit guides, messengers, mother, father or any other label, but we can all agree that they are loving people who have our best interest at heart.