Angels: Picture a Story. Picture an Event. Picture an Inspiration.
Many times when people capture an amazing picture of a spirit or angel, there will also be an interesting story that accompanies it. This is important, because typically, we are too quick to write off the photograph, or explain it away, before we listen to the entire experience.

Some of the angels pictured on this page are formed by clouds, fire, and light. Some of these photographs have stories; others do not. One thing is important to know: These angels, picture of spirit, or paranormal entity, have inspired the person who witnessed it. Take some time to look at the photos yourself, read the stories (if we have them), and consider the possibility that there may be more behind the photos than we might want to initially think.

What if an the experiences we encounter, though they may seem normal, are somehow secretly orchestrated by forces unseen? Could there be strings pulled, that we are unaware of, that cause us to see the extraordinary within the ordinary? If so, how might such an angel experience, or a paranormal encounter, affect our lives for the better?

Each month Angels & Ghosts publishes pictures of spirits sent to us by website visitors, as well as other major angel images, stories, articles and videos. Spirit pictures might be proof that angels...spirits exist! Submit your own angel pictures.