Angel On My Tree Picture

Betty sent this angel picture of clouds forming an angel by her tree which is similar to a book cover...

"I ran to get my camera and had no reason to just take the photos. I have two others and it is in frames just before the one I am sending. The angel was going up to the tree top, yet I did not know what I was taking a picture of - just an impulse to get my camera as I was sitting outdoors alone, reading my book. That is where the angel begins...with the book. Once I took a few pictures, I went in the house and downloaded the pictures to see what it was that I captured. I did a drawing around one of the pictures to show what I see."

More comments from Betty:
"Once I looked at the photos it was then I seen the Angel and drew a sketch around one picture . And as I was telling my cousin about what I had, and told her how I was sitting on my back deck and had the impulse to get my camera, she opened the jacket of the book I was reading.. and You can see the Angel, the same Angel on my tree as on the cover of the book."