Pictures of Cloud Angels

We often receive pictures of cloud angels, photographs of cloud formations that look like angels. It would seem there are quite a few people who look for inspiration from the heavens. After we have collected a few good cloud angel pictures from our visitors, we post them to inspire others. Enjoy this month's selection and be inspired!

Zoe's Cloud Angel Picture
The first cloud angel picture was sent to us from Zoe Harris:

"I was walking around my brother's house, and I saw it in the sky. So, I took this picture."

Kenna's Cloud Angel Picture
Kenna sent us this intriguing cloud angel picture:

"After my grandpa passed away, I always looked for maybe a sign of him. I had just finished talking to a friend on my picture phone, and I saw the cloud. I had one of the happiest feelings that I hadn't had since I was a little kid."

Balcony Angel Pictures
Robert Vazquez took several pictures of this cloud angel:

"I took these photos while standing in my balcony praying."

Houston Cloud Angel
Bonnie sent us this cool, cloud angel photograph:

"I was visiting my son, wife, and grandchildren and was sad to have to leave, thinking of how much I loved them all. On the day of departure, I was compelled to go out on their deck. I instantly looked up to behold the angels in the sky!"

Flying Cloud Angel Picture
Marjorie sent in an inspiring cloud angel photo.

"Just wanted to share this photo I took a month ago."