Daddy's Angel Picture

Angie Steffke of Greenwood, Indiana sent us the following angel picture and incredible story:

"This is a true picture that was taken the evening before my father passed away, September 18, 2006. My father was diagnosed with a terminal illness a few weeks prior to his passing away, at the age of 56. My father spoke of the angels that were coming for him to 'take him home.' He was an incredible man with a HUGE heart and believed whole-heartedly in God. I hope that everyone who views this picture enjoys it as much as my father's family does.

...the original picture...was taken with a cell phone. My father was lying in the bed on the right side of the picture and he was reaching out to the angel on the left and speaking of the angels, but no one could visibly see the angel until after the picture was taken and seen it on the cell phone. There was NO smoke in the room as no one smoked in the house for several weeks prior to my father's passing. The child (a family member) in the picture was at the foot of my father's bed."