Tom's Guardian Angel Photo

Tom sent us this picture of what he believes is his guardian angel. The picture was taken in the year 2000, and it does show spirit ectoplasm present with him!

"The house in which my Guardian Angel was photographed happens to be the same house in which other spiritual phenomena have taken place since 1970. The house was built back in 1969. Many people would think it was a new house and that there should be no spirits, but the local schools in the area were named after Indian tribes which were plentiful in the area back in the day. Not far from this house maybe around 1972 or 1973 they unearthed an Indian mound in which geologists had quarantined to perform more research. During my myriad of experiences at this house told me that it did not matter if the house was new. It really meant where the home was built on. Many nights of foot steps creeping slowly in my downstairs bedroom. Hearing distinct voices in the middle of the night and after checking only to find an empty room. The cool drafts entering a room on a usually warm day. Some religious sources say that entities are more prone to reveal themselves to younger children since they are found to have the least of sin. For many adults they experience the disconnection of what goes on around them due to closed mindedness.

This home too was visited by a UFO one evening in 1976. My younger brother and I were playing basketball in the driveway that evening when all of a sudden out of no where was this oval shaped object hovering over the tree line in our backyard. My first response was to get others in the house to see what we were seeing. I knew right away if we did not get others to see this, I knew they would not believe. I screamed out my younger brother to go in the house and get others out here. My sister was the only other relative to come running out. To this day she recalls with vivid recollection the lights spinning below as we watched it slowly move and then vanish into thin air.

This photo of my guardian angel will always be a prized possession. I've seen orbs of many photos from other sources...but I can truly say that there is no other photo in this world that has recorded an Angel like object protecting the human element."