Graduation Angel Pictures

We have enjoyed looking at the two pictures above and trying to understand what may have caused the flame-like anomalies in the background. There wasn't any sconce-type of light on the wall that created this effect:

"I have included two photos to see what you think. My father passed away on June 6th, 2009 and we had a graduation for my son on June 9th, 2009. My son said he said a prayer in hopes that his grandfather was watching over him. These two photos are the only ones that came out like this - all the others are fine.

My brother was taking the photos with a digital camera. If you look close at these photos they were taken at two different times, with lights on and off. My parents were married for 46 years and my mother asked God for my father to be her guardian angel. I am not sure what to think and wanted an opinion. Thanks."

So, what caused the anomalies in the graduation photos? We are not sure. Some have suggested a light from a stage shining out on the wall, or maybe a camera malfunction of some sort. Others see these photos as evidence of a spirit presence. You decide...