Pictures of Angels

So you would like to see some pictures of angels? We gathered together some examples of angel pictures, some with stories. The first two pictures were submitted to Angels & Ghosts, while others are popular angel photos floating around the web.

Pictures of angels and spirituality inspire people to consider that there are invisible spirits with us. Many believe benevolent spirits (you may call them angels, spirit guides, or enlightened beings) guide and watch over lives. Have you ever felt an unseen presence?

Brandin & Jamie's Angel Picture
Penni recently lost her son Brandin to an automobile accident. Soon afterward, she had an incredible experience or two that confirmed for her that Brandin is indeed alright.

Her photograph shows a white mist around her niece's young baby Christmas morning. Toward the left side of the mist Penni recognizes her son Brandin's face. Do you see him? You'll have to look at the photo a few times before the facial image just pops out...

Doorway to the Spirit Realm?
This angel photograph from the Grassflat, Pennsylvania area shocked the photographer after the film was developed over a decade ago. The family that owns this photo believes it is a doorway to the spirit world that appeared in the field, while they were photographing their horses.

The family claims there was nothing in the field that could have caused this bright optical effect, and the sun looks to not have played a role in it, either. The bright light is said to have appeared on the negative, as well.

Remaining Pictures of Angels
There has been quite a craze of late regarding pictures of angels, the sighting of apparitions of religious figures, as well as other types of spiritual phenomena. The interest in angels and other entities has caused some to put together photographic collages visible by video on YouTube. Some of the following pictures of angels were gathered together from such videos, as we thought it may be nice to show them to our visitors. Though we do not have any explanation available as to the stories behind the angel pictures, we will be able to offer some comments on each photo's corresponding page. Though we are uncertain whether or not each of the pictures of angels are real, we do feel they spark interesting spiritual discussion concerning probability and authenticity.