Ines Angel Image

This angel image shows a fine mist in front of Ines' face. Here's her story...

"I updated my Facebook profile picture a couple of days ago, with this picture I'm enclosing. A friend noticed there was some figure 'flying' towards my nose. I hadn't seen it. I thought it was just strange light from the picture. The photo is only retouched to add more light and contrast. I have nothing to do with the 'figure' who in fact, looks like an angel with some sort of instrument.

I'm not a religious person, but very spiritual. I believe we are living wonderful times in our Earth, where we can connect better than ever, to our higher beings, and have the life we came to have, making it paradise on Earth. I submit this picture for your appreciation, and do not take any kind of position about what it is. Anyway, we live in a wonderful world, full of surprises for those who want to see." - Ines Vignolo, Switzerland