Creche Angel Picture

Gary sent us this angel picture of spiritual presence in front of a nativity scene. What is amazing is how he describes having felt the "warm" presence go through him:

"I've attached a picture which I took on Christmas Eve about 9 pm in Litchfield, Connecticut. I was taking some pictures of an outdoor creche with my digital camera. As I was lining up the first shot, I began to push the button down slowly. Suddenly, I felt a warm rush from my left and saw a flash of light..i turned my face away from the camera, thinking that the battery may have exploded. I then proceeded to take a few more pictures to see if the camera had, in fact, broken. It seemed to work fine. When I got home that night, I began to download the pics to my computer so I could e-mail them to the church. I was "blessed" to see the picture I'm sending. Note that there was no one around when I took the photo. There were no street lights, no cars (you have to walk a distance to get to the creche, which was in an outdoor grotto), and it was a moonless night...very clear and crisp. The heat sensation was noticeable to me, because it was quite chilly in this area that night. You can see the Christmas ight string, the creche and some of the pews through this white apparition. I've enclosed the next picture I took, so you could compare the two. The oddest part was that morning my fiancee had woken up and asked me about my guardian angel's name, because she had a dream about the name. This was some fourteen hours before the pic was taken....and about 30 miles away! Thanks for allowing me to share. Everyone that's seen it agrees that it's an angel "swooping" down...I felt it go through me!"