Toronto Blessing Cloud Angel Picture

Joyce Drudge sent us this wonderful cloud angel picture which we dubbed the "Toronto Blessing." If you look close, there is even facial details...

"I lost my mom June 14, 2008. She had found out she had cancer April 2008, and was told she only had a few weeks to live. I am one of her 16 children. She did not want to pass away in the hospital; she wanted to go home. So I left Toronto and went back to Labrador/Quebec to take care of her at home. She would say to me, 'When you go back to Toronto, I'm going back with you.'

I came back to Toronto after my dad was settled, one month later 14 July 2008. On my way back, I was just looking up in the sky thinking of her while my friend drove. I saw this image in the sky. It was evening and the sun was going down and this one cloud /angel was lit up. I took this picture with my cell phone. She came back to Toronto with me as an angel. Amazing... If you look under her wing you will see two figures: looks like Jesus standing and my Grandma sitting in the chair. My sister said it was our two nephews that had passed away (Kenneth at age 14; Robby at 2-1/2). Anyone that doesn't believe in angels before seeing this photo, should after seeing it."