Angels: Images

Images of Possible Angelic Beings
Many times, we remain unaware of unseen presences amongst us, but this doesn't mean that benevolent, living beings from the spirit world are not interacting with us. From the angel stories we have received over the years, it would seem that encounters with people in spirit teach us that enlightened beings are very interested in our lives: from observing, to speaking messages, to celebrating the life journey.

Some of the angels' images found on this page were sent into Angels & Ghosts along with their stories...what the people who sent them perceived or believe the experience meant to them. A few other images of angels we have gathered from other places for your review.

Guardian Angel Image?
One of the images of angels in our slideshow (third one) has made the father of the two boys wonder if he somehow captured the figure of his oldest's guardian angel. The light anomaly seems to look similar to an old painting, maybe a portrait, turned upside down!