Lydia's Angel Photo

Lydia's angel picture (and ghost pictures) were sent to us recently. Her spirit is refreshing as she shares about her experiences with ghosts and angels:

"Hello, I am submitting this picture because it is not only nice, but my child does see the angel herself. This angel comes to her at the oddest times, in school, on the bus, at home, and on the street. My daughter has learned to cope with this entity and I have seen her spinning the old spinning wheel we own. I collect antiques so I guess it comes with it.

The other pic is me cutting my grandson`s hair. I can feel that spectre. I am chilled when he comes. My grandchild has been moved in the crib by it at the age of 4-5 days when it started. We would find Jimmy in the oddest places in the crib. I asked this ghost not to harm the baby and he started just being there. Jimmy would smile to it. The electric cables moved when I asked of it`s presence. We just live with those people. The last one is of myself at a wedding. The ghost over me is my father in law which I have never met, by the way. I just see him once in a while. I saw him a couple of weeks ago in church at his brother in law`s funeral. He is over the TV set. He has a mustache. Look in the top of the white chair next to me...other ghosts are there. I could feel them. I could not dance, because I was not strong enough, so they were with me. He passed away in 1999 and just likes me I guess. I clean and take care of his grave on a regular basis. I met my husband in 2000. I am very ill, and my ather in law just protects me. I know if i go, that I will be well accompanied. LOL. Thank-you and have a nice day."