Real Picture of a Guardian Angel

Kimberly Jacobitz of Nelson Nebraska sent us this angel picture:

"My one year old son likes to bang on the window, and of course, since he’s teething, he chews on the window handle as well. I can’t always be in the room with him, I may need to use the bathroom, or dry a load of laundry, and the living room is closed off and “baby proofed”, other than that glass window. Anyway, I have had many conversations with my son’s “Guardian Angel” about his banging on the glass, and one day I decided he looked so cute chewing on the handle of the window, that I took a picture. While uploading the picture into the computer, I noticed some bright white spots and a white blur. It was daytime, and I took the picture from across the room, zooming in. If you don’t see her already, click on the magnifying glass, or zoom, and then click on the white object, you can see her face and neck, and two hands, (zoom in on them too), up against the glass. I am not sure if I am seeing a wing on the lower left in the window or what??? But you can definitely see her beautiful face."