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Angel Signs? Pictures of Possible Angel Signs to Humanity
Is it possible that angels, benevolent spirit beings who watch over us, work to bring signs to us? Can we detect the presence of an angel, or spirit, around us? Some have captured striking pictures that may present evidence of just that. The following are angel signs pictures that we have collected from around the net. You decide if they might be signs...
Eyes in the Sky - Angel Signs Pictures!?
Above: Kerch, Eyes in the Sky Picture
Eyes in the Sky Pictures: Angel Signs?
Kerch, Ukraine had a weather phenomena that sent the Internet abuzz. During storms, a
pair of eyes appeared in the heavens above the area. A multitude of people captured the
eerie event in pictures and videos. We thought we would share a few of these images!
Sichuan China Angels?
Earthquake Angel Pictures
In 2008, a devastating earthquake hit
Sichuan, China. Ten minutes prior, this still
picture from a video reveals multicolored
light in the sky above the region. It looks
similar to a phenomenon known as "Northern Lights" or "Aurora
Borealis." Some feel these figure-like shapes
(at left) could have been
some sort of sign from
spirits - angels.
Presence of an Angel Picture
Presence Angel Picture?
Recently, we found an angel
picture with an intriguing story
behind it. Apparently, Marie of
Marie's Mystical Home
received the image from a
viewer of her website. The
(at right) was taken from a
video Marie had made about it.
A lady who was texting her
husband saw the spirit behind
her friend and snapped this
photograph with her cell phone.
Her friend said she had felt a
cool breeze during the time
when the photo was taken.
The following angel pictures are considered by many to be signs. Although we do not have the stories behind
them, you may select each photo in order to see a larger version.      
(The photos below were compiled by Angel Light Wolf.)
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