Eyes in the Sky Photographs

Kerch, Ukraine had a weather phenomenon that sent the Internet abuzz. During severe storms (hurricane?), a pair of eyes appeared in the heavens above the area. A multitude of people captured the eerie event in pictures and videos. We thought we would share a few of what some consider to be angel images, or signs, captured by different people using video cameras (these are still pictures from those videos). We assure you, these are not fakes.

Were these eyes in the heavens signs to humanit below? People who saw them were said to be very frightened as the eyeball details were incredible and spooky! (Imagine the sky turning into a pair of eyes, glaring as if to say, "We see you." That is something almost straight out of a Hollywood movie using special effects!

The images of the eyes hovering in the sky are outstanding. Notice how even the pupils are visible in both eyes, depending on the picture - what time it was taken, and where it was taken. Even the darkness of the storm varied dependent upon location. Talk about "eye" of the storm!