1916 Angel in the Sky

After having run an extensive search for this seraphim angel, at this time, we have no concrete idea where it originated or the story behind it. To us, it looks like what one may see if having a dream or vision; or perhaps it is what one might imagine an angel to look like while attending a psychic reading and hearing about guardian angels! Your guess is as good as ours! Take a look and see how imaginitive this angel appears, being placed in the sky at an angel (we must admit that this photo reminds us of spirit photography examples where fake ghosts were placed onto the plate so as to "magically appear" behind people when photographed).

A big thanks to Sandy Wasmer who gave us the subsequent information on the Seraphim Angel in the Sky photo:

"I have a very old copy of this picture that was found in my grandfather's family bible when he died. Written on the back of the print was '1916 Arthur Hutchens - 4 Wells Kansas.' I've gone to the Kansas Historical Society website and can find no 4/Four Wells Kansas or Tornado of 1916."