Motion Sensor Angel Picture

David Z. sent us this angel photo taken by a hunting camera that is triggered by a motion sensor. In other words, the camera only takes picture when something trips its Infrared sensor. For years, we could not explain this photo of what looks like an angelic spirit. And audiences writing in have also been enamored with the photo. *Go to the bottom of this page for our explanation of what we, now, feel happened. 

"This pic was taken in northern lower Michigan with a motion sensored hunting tree cam. I thought I'd e-mail it to you guys. I have a friend that owns a photo store and I asked him to debunk the pic. He said in over twenty-five years in business this was the coolest pic he ever saw. He couldn't debunk it. Let me know what you think."

We believe that we have possibly solved the mystery after seeing other security camera footage over the past 10 years. We suspect that a small bird flew into frame and out, quickly, producing this winged-angel effect. The see-through aspect of the bird was due to a slower speed of the shutter, allowing the bird to fly in and out while the photo was in process. This lengthened exposure would allow the motion sensor camera the ability to better see in dark environments and something built-in from the factory.

Are we correct or wrong? It's up to you to decide...