Egypt Apparition Angel Pictures

An example of misidentification of a human angel (spirit) might explain the Mary apparition that floated above and around a church. Zeiton, Egypt is known for the incredible, well-documented angel or spirit sighting that occurred between the years of 1968-1970. We've included 3 pictures of the apparition that had appeared to crowds as a sign. We've also included a video story about the Egyption angel (spirit or Virgin Mary?) sightings above St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church.

Three images show the illuminated spirit in Egypt. There are more recent claims, too, of people seeing the spirit at the same location.

Purportedly, over half a million people witnessed the enlightened spirit hover above St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church. Witnesses say that a ball of light developed into the spirit of a young woman on top of the dome in the middle of the structure. People who came to see the spirit of the lady included Christians, who then claimed the apparition was that of the Virgin Mary. Our point: the spirit lady quite possibly became the Virgin Mary through religious interpretation - interesting thought to ponder. Either way, a supernatural event, maybe a sign, does seem to have occurred and without any other explanation.