Christmas Angel Picture

Brad sent us this spectacular angel pic and story from the early years of our existence on the Internet. Is it an angelic sign that their grandmother is within them?

"The picture was taken at my mother's house in Malvern, Ohio. It was taken on Christmas eve the year my grandmother passed away. She lived with us for many years, and helped raise all five of us boys. This was the first Christmas that she wasn't with us...but, I believe she was. The pic was taken Dec 24 1999. I received a digital camera for Christmas and my daughter took a picture of the Christmas tree outside that was our Christmas tree many moons ago (it was a bulb tree - 30ft now).

So, my brother puts a string of lights on it every year and that's what she (my daughter) was taking a picture of and didn't know she was taking a pic of our grandmother's angel (it would be her great grandmother)."