Angel & Ghosts Picture

Donna Skoro sent us this fantastic picture and information...look closely, and you will see heads and bodies forming.

"I am attaching a photo for your review and posting on your website. It was taken fall, 2001 in a cemetery in Oviedo, Florida by our now 27 year old daughter, who has had ghostly experiences since the age of 3. We never really believed her until this photo, as well as others she took that year proved us wrong. Other photos taken at the same cemetery that day had similar anomalies, however, we were most impressed with this one, because we believe the gold figure to the left could possibly be an angel. If you look closely, you can definitely see the head, face and shoulders of the entity. This photo was submitted to Ghost Study and posted in their monthly gallery for February 2004. They focused in on the two white figures and showed in the white figure on the left, the beginning formation of what appears to be a body. In addition, other folks who have seen this photo, along with us, clearly see the top half of a woman's face and head forming as well."