Water Angel Picture

Bill Ehman of Charleston, WV sent us this angel picture taken over water. Here are Bill's comments and photos:

"This picture was taken Oct. 21, 1997. I had been in deep prayer a few days before. My friend suggested we go fishing at Summit Lake in WV. It was very cold that day, cloudy and windy. I caught a trout around 2:30pm. After that the wind calmed and the temperature rose. It was like a spring day then. The sun came through the clouds and the light was reflecting on the water. I took the picture though I saw nothing like what you see in this picture. I saw no image above the water. It was there only when I got the pictures back. I prayed for an angel, but I meant a woman. Jesus answers prayer!!"

"I added the gold color (second picture) because it made my angel stand out. I like to give it to people in nursing homes."