Amazing Angel & Spirit Guides Picture

These remarkable photos were received from a lady in Australia by the name of Lana. The images are outstanding, for they show her angels or "spirit guides" which surround her, as well as what appear to be "cat eyes." Another photo shows the image of wings. Some may call these "ghost pictures," but really they show the existence of those who are alive and dwell among us. Call them ghosts, angels, spirit guides or whatever, they are still people. The energy in these photos are fantastic and Lana has even provided some that are enhanced to see the images more clearly. These three pictures show the energy flowing around Lana and her friend. The one picture in particular shows the energy forming a "wing." (Lana has provided enhanced color versions for our enjoyment, too.)

"Someone told me yesterday that my animal guide is bringing through the spirits to me. If you look closely down the bottom of the face one, you can see what looks like 2 cat's eyes or 2 eagle eyes. This is meant to be my spirit animal. Also she said that the angel wings are from my guardian angel and guide (or one of them as I have others)."

"It was Sunday 18th July 2004 (2003 in the photo was my setting mistake). I was down the Gold Coast in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and it is Winter here (thus the jackets). So the white area in front of my friend and myself is sand and not snow as some of my friends have thought. Somewhere near Sea World. We stopped on the spur of the moment because we saw this huge shop selling seafood and it looked the perfect place to order and as it was on the water front we did not have to drive anywhere else to eat. Because we both really wanted to eat our dinner near the water. We were actually heading somewhere else advised by another friend whom left for home after shopping.

It was around 6.30 pm and we had just ordered our fish and calamari to eat on the beach. We had just spent the day shopping at Harbour Town. Earlier that day we took one photo at Harbour town of the 3 of us. Nothing out of the ordinary in that one which is also on a much higher resolution. When we got to the water front for dinner we decided to take a few more photos of the evening's event. As it was dark I changed the setting to night time mode. I did not realise I only had it set on email size - (thus the poor and grainy quality). The camera was also set on self timer (10 second delay). And, of course, a flash was used.

There were about 14 in all taken on the evening. Only the three I am sending you are the one's that looked unusual. Some of the one's I took were mistakes as I did not push the self timer button and they took immediately. But as it was a digital camera I just took as many as needed because I can fit so many on the memory card. I could see something strange on my viewer for those three, but didn't look too closely as I wanted to wait until I got it home on the computer. I definitely noticed the wing one on the screen and the wavy energy from the other 2. Because I dismissed this I took more so I could get some clearer ones. In the process 3 of the ones taken that night were the special ones. They were just ordinary photos being taken that night and I had not asked any spirits to be seem in the photos. There is water directly behind us which I believe to be a great conductor for the energy/spirits seen. But in saying all that, I have always been connected to my guides."

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