Spirit Guide Angel Picture

Kimberly sent us this fantastic angel picture. An angel is simply a "messenger" or guide. So, when people speak of spirit "guides," think of them as people on the other side who are speaking to us, maybe even within us, in a sense. Yes, this could be this little lady's spirit guide...a wise soul who is around her, who loves her, and who is looking out for her.

"I wanted to write to you and get your opinions on this picture of my daughter when she was younger. She has numerous photos of her as she has grown up with round orbs around her, but this photo was highly unusual and has always had me curious. In this particular photo..it looks kinda like a dove or something. Unfortunately, I am not able to tell you anything about the camera that was used because it was taken about years ago. She wasn't wearing any jewelry that would have reflected the flash from the camera, and her shirt was white with purple ribbons and a purple bow. There was nothing in behind her on the couch either. Could this be some kind of spirit visiting her or spirit guide? I would certainly appreciate your opinions on this..it has been driving me nuts for years!"