Angel In The Night Sky

Christy Stover sent us this amazing angel picture taken in the night sky. It speaks for itself!

"This was taken in Montrose, Colorado during a photo contest. No one noticed the angel in the picture until the developer asked how in the world she got it. It was taken during a photo contest of the night stars about ten years ago... We have the originals also."

"Some people can see it, but it is very detailed down to the jewels in her crown. You can see the eyes, nose, and mouth perfectly...the huge wings and even one of her shoulders. I am hoping you can see all of this -some people have stared at it for hours and still can't see it; and others see it right away. Maybe you can blow it up a bit to see it better. I think this was captured for a reason so people will believe. The woman who took it didn’t even know about it until she picked them up from the developer. He saw it immediately when he developed it."


In 2014, we received an email with this claim:

"There is a photo of an angel in the sky, that was supposedly artificially created. However my mom was the developer at the walmart the film was taken to, and she says otherwise. She was the person that developed that picture." - Sarah M.

We should also note that after posting this photo, we received information that claims we have the story incorrect. It was mentioned that the image of the nighttime sky angel was created using an art program. We are still looking for answers.

More Feedback on the Nighttime Sky Angel Photograph
(Sent to us by Sam) "Since this photo was first revealed it became one of my most favorite photos on the site. However, at times I did wonder about its amazing details, looking very much like Raphaelite rennaisance works. So I decided, given technology today, to look for anything similar. I did find two intriguing images that are mirror images of the silhouette in the photo of the 'Angel in the night Sky.'"

"One is by Annibale Carracci - 'Christ Wearing the Crown of Thorns, Supported by Angels'":
Comparison to the Angel in the Night Sky Image







"The other is 'Saint Cecilia and the Angel' by Baroque Italian master Carlo Saraceni":
A second comparison painting for reference...


"Whatever attempts to simulate these paintings into the photo is quite extraordinary nonetheless. I was not able to find where the crown on the angel photo came from, but it coincides with the crown of thorns on Carraci's painting.

Time will tell the full story of this photo that has captivated me for years. I still enjoy its majestic beauty. And real or not, I still believe in angels."


Update 2/9/2016
"I would like to comment about the photo of the 'angel in the night sky'. I was living in Springfield, MO and during the winter of 2001 I was in a Christian play put on by the Lighthouse Theatre. A man who was in the play with me told me about this photo and took me to the home where the parents of the women who took the picture lived. I saw the original framed in their home. I believe it is real and amazing." - Tina"