Fire Angel Pictures

Sandy sent us these fantastic angel pictures which were taken by a camera phone (so some of the images are small). The complete story is posted below the images...

"I took this picture with my cell phone camera. Sent it to my daughter and her reply was to take a second look a the picture. I know I was alone and did not see that when I first took the picture, however we do have some friendly "guests" around the property and the home. This is the first time I get a visual...what is it?? An angel?"

A Little Background:
The property right next to my backyard is composed of two lots, one belongs to a small church and the other to an old, old small cemetery (maybe 20 graves). I've always been able to see some "friendly neighbors" one way or another, but in the years I've lived here (and all the BBQ get-togethers, birthday celebrations, etc., that we've had photographed), never once was I able to "capture" anything like this.

The Story:
That day was like no other, you see I suffer from a mitochondrial degenerative disorder which affects my ability to move and keeps me in constant pain. Having said that, that particular day, I felt better that I had in years, so great that with the help of a friend, our basement got a much needed "face-lift"...the day was crisp and cool (I believe early November) and having finished with the basement early enough, we thought about getting a fire going to burn all the boxes, old papers and miscellaneous paper product (the right way to end the day). After the fire was lit inside an old metal barrel and boxes were burning away, I got this incredible feeling that we were no alone...not fear but a peaceful “feeling” that we had “company”...our friend (a non believer) laughed at me (as usual) but I could not shake that wonderful overwhelming feeling. After about 30 minutes, one of my daughters called (she’s always in college); I explained to her what we were doing and she asked me to send her pictures of the fire (maybe thought I was burning her stuff... ha-ha). I took three photos within seconds of each other... I did not see anything strange at first, but when my daughter got them, she called me back and asked me if I could also see the figures on the fire...that’s when I really saw the images and realized that my feelings were right on target! I was no not only I could feel them, but also “captured” them. At first, I couldn’t understand how I got to have such a wonderful pain-free day - and why that particular day...until I saw the photos and realized that I was given that one beautiful day by my “Angels” and they wanted me to know it.

Fire 1 - This was the first photo and it looks like a profile of a person with the hands in the pants pockets.

Fire 2 - This was the second photo and it looks like the “person” from the first photo was “sneezing” (keep in mind that the wind was NOT blowing and the fire was NOT crackling like with wood, just paper had burned).

Angel 3 - This one was the last one...almost like if the Angel came out of the fire???? There was no one around. I tried to enlarge the photos but I don’t know if it was effective.

As I said they were taken by a cell phone camera and I have no hard copies. I hope they can be used and they show clearly on your site. I want people (like my non-believer friend) to keep an open mind and heart so they too can see the light!